The Story Behind the Mr Beams Slim Safety Light

The Story Behind the Mr Beams Slim Safety Light

Mr Beams MB970 Slim Safety Light for above doorways

Have you checked out our new MB970 Slim Safety Light? It’s a pretty special lighting solution – not quite a spotlight or a ceiling light, but a little bit of both to create a new way to add safety in and around the home.


Its design is probably the first thing to grab your attention, which is good because it has a very specific purpose behind it.


“Its slim shape is its reason for being,” says Ryan Hruska, Mr Beams senior product manager. “We wanted to design a sleek light that would enable our customers to install it in new places, like above a door where it can blend in seamlessly to the wall above the door frame.”


We sat down with Ryan to get more details about the Slim Safety Light, including the main lighting gap this light fills, how he realized a solution needed to be made and three things he wants you to know about the light.


MB: What lighting gap does the Slim Safety Light fill?

Mr Beams MB970 Slim Safety Light for above doorwaysRYAN: We get a lot of valuable feedback from customers about how great the MB980 Ceiling Light works, but that light only works if you have a ceiling you can install it on. The MB970 Slim Safety Light serves a similar application, but installs on a vertical wall and can then be adjusted to a position that works best for the customer, similar to our spotlights.


MB: How did you realize there was a lighting problem that needed this solution?

RYAN: We were working closely with our customers to see all the different ways they find to use Mr Beams lights and saw so many improvised solutions to get light in dark stairwells, patios and doorways that we knew there was a place for a light that could be installed above a door or in a corner. That’s how the Slim Safety Light was born.


MB: What do you want customers to know about this new light?

RYAN: There are three things that stick out to me about the Slim Safety Light – and its appearance when it’s installed isn’t one of them!


1. It’s versatile. The slim profile provides a clean look after installation and its feature to rotate 60 degrees along the base adds the ability to perfectly adjust the light beam for most applications.


2. The light is IP44 rated for weatherproofing and can be used outdoors, but like many other Mr Beams lights you don’t need any tools to change the batteries.


3. Under normal usage conditions, the batteries will last about a year, making this a very convenient and inconspicuous way to add light to a dark world.


Ready to add safety lighting to your doorways?

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