Lighting without Wires, Lighting without Electricians

Lighting without Wires, Lighting without Electricians

The UltraBright Ceiling Light

The UltraBright Ceiling Light


If you need light but cannot afford an electrician, there are now bright solutions for you. WiLi™ (Wireless Lighting) has become reliable and inexpensive. Mr Beams wireless lighting has the ability to reach up to 600 lumens and will continue to increase in brightness every year. Mr Beams offers battery-powered, wireless lighting for closets, decks, counters, sheds, backyards and stairs without wires or the need for an electrician. The Mr. Beams line is a complete wireless, LED solution to all lighting needs, including wireless overhead lighting. All of our lights are weatherproof, bright and can be installed by anyone in a matter of minutes.


We all love our electrician – except when he is late, makes a mess or leaves us with a huge bill. According to home improvement site Home Advisor, installing a wired light fixture could cost an average of $455. With battery-powered LED lights from Mr. Beams, you can install overhead lighting without wires for under $40 and can easily remove these fixtures in the case of a move. Here are our best WiLi™ options that would otherwise require the help of an electrician:



The UltraBright Ceiling LightBest solution to light a shower without wires – Best solution is the MB990 UltraBright Ceiling Light. It is weatherproof and installs in minutes. It detects motion from up to 18 feet away and will automatically shut off after 20 seconds of no motion. 300 lumens light your shower.

The Original Ceiling LightBest solution to light a closet without wires – Best solution is the MB980 Ceiling Light. It’s motion sensor will activate the light when the door is opened and it will turn off automatically, after 30 seconds without motion. 100 lumens of bright light.

Slim Task LightsBest solution to light a dorm without wires – The MB850/860 Slim Task Lights can go anywhere you need light in your dorm room. These motion-sensing, battery-powered lights have a thin profile for bright lighting in closets, under shelves, and more.


The UltraBright Ceiling LightBest solution to light an attic without wires – Pull string lights are a pain. Replace them with the MB990 UltraBright Ceiling Light for effective attic lighting without an electrician. No more reaching for the pull cords only to get a handful of cobwebs. The UltraBright Ceiling Light’s bright LED turns on when your motion is detected. It will stay on as long as there is motion.

The Original Ceiling LightBest solution to light the inside of a shed without wires – The MB980 Ceiling Light can illuminate an entire shed without wires. Bright light comes on with motion and shuts off automatically. The weatherproof seal will keep any moisture out of the light.


The UltraBright SpotlightBest solution to light the outside of a shed without wires – The MB380/390 UltraBright Spotlight provides 400 lumens of cool, bright light at the first sight of motion for hands-free convenience lighting. Give your shed security and ensure the safety of you and your loved ones. Plus, the weatherproof design means you don’t have to worry that harsh conditions, such as rain or snow, will damage the light.

The LED Night LightBest solution to light stairs without wires – Stairs are not typically equipped with electrical outlets. The MB710 LED Night Light’s sleek, modern design complements any home decor while providing essential, hands-free lighting to tricky areas. Plus, it’s equipped with a light sensor that prevents unnecessary activations.

Step/Stair LightsBest solution to light a deck and stairs without wires – The MB520/530 Step/Stair Lights are designed with a weatherproof seal to provide efficient deck and outdoor stair lighting. It’s GlowModeTM option keeps your deck or stairs illuminated softly throughout the night. When motion is detected, 120 square feet are illuminated instantly.

The UltraBright Ceiling LightBest solution to light a porch without wires – Porch lights waste a lot of money. You either leave them on all night or have a dark porch. Best solution for a dark porch is the MB990 UltraBright Ceiling Light. If someone approaches your door, this wireless light will detect the motion and bring light to the situation. It can be installed in minutes, and the weatherproof seal means never having to remove the light in poor conditions.

The Original SpotlightBest solution to light a doorway without wires – Best solution is the MB330/360 Original Spotlight. 140 lumens provide automatic security lighting to your doorways anytime someone steps within a 30-foot motion detection range. Battery power allows you to install the light in just 5 minutes or less. The quality LED is designed to provide up to a year of light on just one set of batteries, based on an average of 8-10 activations a day.


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