Beyond Batteries: Wired and Solar-Powered Lighting Solutions from Mr Beams

Beyond Batteries: Wired and Solar-Powered Lighting Solutions from Mr Beams

Mr Beams Wedge & String Lights

Mr Beams Wedge & String Lights


It’s no secret, we think batteries are pretty neat here at Mr Beams. For the last 13 years, we’ve been growing and expanding our line of battery-powered lights to provide solutions for our customers’ lighting challenges. Our passion for all things lighting has only grown throughout our history, and now we want to provide even more solutions to our customers—regardless of power type. Which is why we’re adding wired and solar-powered options to our robust portfolio of lighting solutions.


Sustainability is a big topic right now, one that’s very important to our customers. Our seven new models of solar-powered wall lights offer sustainable, wireless options that provide versatile lighting and peace of mind. Install on a wall that receives direct sunlight, then relax in knowing your home is going to be well-lit throughout the night. In typical Mr Beams fashion, all wall lights are easy to install anywhere in under five minutes. Learn more >


Solar Wedge Lights


Mr Beams is also adding a family of string lights for a more grounded option—you won’t have to remember to change batteries or watch the weather. Don’t worry about the wires, either, because we’ve made sure they’ll add a tasteful, decorative touch to wherever you hang them. Just plug them into your outlet and watch as they brighten up any dark space. Like our other products, our string lights will instantly transform any living space. Learn more >


Mr Beams String Lights


However, we’re still committed to bringing innovative battery-powered lighting solutions to our customers. Mr Beams has the best indoor and outdoor battery-operated lights. Because LEDs are the most efficient light source, batteries provide more than enough power to keep them going. You don’t have to worry about wires or electricians, just set ’em and forget ’em. Our battery-powered options can be installed in any dark place where wired lighting can’t reach. Most of all, we design and test each light to get one year of light on each set of batteries, reducing the burden of having to constantly change them.


Mr Beams Battery-Powered Lights


At Mr Beams, we are committed to bringing our customers a variety of lighting solutions—regardless of power type. Whether its wired, battery or solar-powered, our products bring light to any dark space.



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