5 Best LED Lights for Reading

5 Best LED Lights for Reading

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When you were a kid you probably got caught on more than one occasion reading in the dark under a blanket. While the old adage that reading in the dark will hurt your eyes isn’t true, poor lighting can cause your eyes to become fatigued and strained. To avoid this, you need the right light. Here are 5 of the best LED lights for illuminating your reading spot.

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Desk, Table, and Floor Lamps

Whether you are using the floor lamp next to your favorite chair or the goose neck lamp on your desk, color temperature plays an important factor when selecting the right LED light bulb. Measured in degrees Kelvin, color temperature describes the color of the light produced by a light source. Bulbs with a higher Kelvin will have a cooler light while lower Kelvin bulbs will have a warmer light. Color temperature will ultimately depend on your own personal preference, though we do not recommend going over 4000 Kelvin when lighting personal living spaces like dorm rooms and home offices. A 4000 Kelvin LED A19 bulb produces a cool white light that is neutral in color and preferred by those who really need a bright light to see by. This light is also suitable for tasks requiring attention to detail such as art work and jewelry making. If that is too bright, we recommend choosing a bulb with a lower Kelvin in the 3000 Kelvin range. A bulb with this color temperature produces a slightly warmer with reduced glare. This is especially helpful if your pages are glossy.


Multipurpose Areas

If your reading spot is used for more than just reading, you will need different color temperatures depending on the task at hand. Color tunable LED smart bulbs, such as Euri Lighting’s A19 bulb, offer a more customizable light. The Euri bulb connects to your WiFi and is controlled by your smartphone or tablet using the Life in Sync app. Once paired you can adjust the color temperature from 2000 Kelvin up to 5000 Kelvin with just the swipe of your finder or voice command. A more low-tech option is to use warm dimming LED bulbs. These bulbs change color temperatures as they are dimmed using compatible dimmers and are available in a variety of Kelvin ranges, including 3200 Kelvin to 1800 Kelvin.


Desks with Overhead Cabinets

For desks with shelves or cabinets overhead, LED under cabinet fixtures may be more practical than a lamp. By either hard wiring to the main power or plugging directly into an outlet, these lights are available in a variety of lengths and color temperatures. Some fixtures allow you to switch between Kelvin settings with a toggle switch. Many LED under cabinet fixtures are interconnectable, allowing you to create longer runs of light without needing to power each fixture individually.

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Reading in Bed

Curling up in bed with a good book is a satisfying way to relax at the end of the day. If there are times when you have trouble falling asleep easily, it could be due to blue light wavelengths. This light is produced by electronic devices such as cell phones, tablets, and eReaders, and can affect your body’s natural sleep rhythm. Reduce your exposure to blue light by using Soraa Healthy bulbs in your bedside lamps. Using patented technology, these bulbs produce a warm 2700 Kelvin light similar to incandescent bulbs with zero blue wavelengths. 

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