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Winter DIY Lighting In Less Than 5 Minutes, Part 3: Safety Lighting

Mr Beams Stand Anywhere Light

Mr Beams Stand Anywhere Light


It’s January, which means your honey-do list is probably at its peak with brand new resolutions and goals to accomplish this year. Fortunately, if any of those projects involve increasing home safety and security, we can help. Better yet, we can help in less than 5 minutes.


All Mr Beams lights are wireless, battery powered, and motion activated with auto shut off to help prolong battery life. Because they install with the included mounting hardware – if they need to be installed at all – they’ll be the easiest DIY project you do this year. Take a look at some of the most popular DIY projects our customers use Mr Beams lights for:


Safety Lighting

Every home has little nooks and hotspots that need a little extra light – especially during winter’s longer nights. Rather than trying to feel your way through a hallway or down the stairs, install automatic night lights around your home to prevent trips and falls. With the Mr Beams Stick Anywhere family, your home can have motion-activated safety lighting in minutes. Here are our 2 recommendations:


Mr Beams Amber Stick Anywhere LightMB720A Amber Stick Anywhere Light – Studies show that amber light is less disruptive to sleep than traditional white light, making this light ideal for sleep areas. Install this light in bedrooms, bathrooms and hallways to take away the harshness of getting up during the night and waking up in the morning.


MB720A Product Details:

-20 lumens

-Amber LED

-Motion activated from up to 15 feet

-30-second auto shut off to help prolong battery life

-Wireless installation with included screws or double-sided adhesive


Shop Amber Night Lights for Sleep





MB750 Stand Anywhere Light – Our favorite thing about the new Stand Anywhere Light is that there’s no installation needed, which means all you need to do is insert batteries for automatic safety light anywhere. Simply place the light near doorways, on counters or in hallways for instant safety lighting around the home.


Mr Beams Stand Anywhere Light


MB750 Product Details:

-20 lumens

-Motion activated from up to 15 feet

-20-second auto shut off to help prolong battery life

-Optional “off” switch to prevent unnecessary and unwanted activations

-Durable standing design means no installation necessary


Shop Stand Anywhere Light

5 Unusual DIY Crafts With Old Light Bulbs

Necklace 2.jpg

As more LED bulb options become available, you find yourself slowly replacing the incandescent bulbs you have been using for years. But don’t toss them in the trash just yet. Recycle your old light bulbs with one of these interesting craft ideas.

Necklace 2.jpg

Steampunk Necklace

Old miniature indicator bulbs and other small bulbs can be used to create unique steampunk necklaces. All you need is copper jewelry wire, chain, and a jump ring. Wrap the wire around the base or through holes carefully drilled through the sides, and make a loop through the top for the jump ring. Add gears, clocks, keys, and other accents to complete the look.

Crafty Tip: Small bulbs can also be used to create earrings and brooches, while larger bulbs can be incorporated into props.

Painted Christmas Ornaments

Looking for a craft your children can do? Transform light bulbs into painted Christmas ornaments. Bulbs of various shapes can be turned into assorted characters such as reindeer and Santa using acrylic paint. If you have very young children, you can use old globe light bulbs to make snowmen keepsake ornaments. Paint the bulb a solid color. Once dried, cover your child’s hand with white paint. Set the ornament in the palm of his or her hand, having them hold it like a ball for a few seconds so that their hand print is left. After the white paint dries, add in details to turn each fingerprint into a snowman. These keepsakes also make wonderful gifts.

Crafty Tip: Light bulbs can also be coated with glue and covered in glitter. For Halloween, make spiders by painting the bulbs black and adding wire legs.

Suncatcher Bulb.jpg


Even though your old burnt out bulbs no longer work, they can still provide bright points of light as upcycled suncatchers. Another fun craft for kids, you can take any clear bulb and decorate it with a variety of shapes.

What you need:

  • Old light bulbs

  • Suncatcher paints

  • Black puffy paint

  • Copper wire and twine

  • Hair dryer (optional)

Step 1: With the screw base pointing up, use the puffy paint to outline the shapes or design on your bulb. Mistakes can be easily wiped away with a damp cloth while the paint is still wet. When you are done, set the bulb down on something to keep it upright (like a bottle cap as pictured below) and allow to completely dry.

Step 2: Once dry, you can begin adding color. Apply the suncatcher paint in thin layers. Depending on the design, you may need to paint each shape or section individually to ensure that the paint doesn’t drip or run.

Step 3: Allow the paint to dry. You can use a hair dryer set on the lowest setting to help speed up the drying time.

Step 4: Use the copper wire to make a hanger for the bulb. We made an oval of wire and placed it over the bottom of the screw base, then twisted both ends tight until there was a small loop on each side.

Step 5: Run a length of twine though the loops and hang your new suncatcher.

Since these suncatcher bulbs are glass, hang them in areas where they won’t bumped into. If being used outside, be sure to seal the entire bulb with a waterproof sealer (like Outdoor Mod Podge) to protect the paint from rain or melting in extreme heat.


Step 1.jpg

Step 2 and 3.jpg

Step 4.jpg

Step 5.jpg

Crafty Tip: You can also make suncatcher paint using glue and food coloring. Add one to two drops of color for every tablespoon of glue.

Original image from  thedaisychick

Original image from thedaisychick

Christmas Wreath

If you use C7 and C9 strings as part of your holiday decorations, you probably have lots of bulbs to replace every year. Use the burnt out bulbs to create a holiday wreath. Glue bulbs directly to a foam form to create a wreath made entirely out of bulbs (as pictured). Be sure to cover all of the foam so it doesn’t show through. The number of bulbs needed will vary depending on the size of the wreath, however plan on using at least 100 for a 8.5 inch wreath form.  C7 and C9 bulbs also make great additions to Christmas wreaths as well.

Crafty Tip: Make holiday refrigerator magnets by taking old C7 or C9 bulbs and gluing a magnet to the back.

Concrete Wall Hooks

For expert DIYers, turn old light bulbs into wall hooks with some concrete and a long wall screw. The light bulb needs to be cleaned out by removing the contact, insulator, discharge tube, and other internal parts removed. Any coating inside the bulb can be removed by pouring some salt in and shaking it until the glass is clear. Slowly add concrete and place the screw head down once the bulb is nearly full. Once the concrete is fully dry, which may take several days, very carefully break the glass away. You will need to wear gloves and use small brushes to remove small pieces of glass from around the socket. Be sure to mount the hook to a wall stud.

Crafty Tip: For a more decorative, look use epoxy resin. You can suspend items in the resin including the bulb filaments removed during cleaning, dried flowers, and other small objects.

Know of some other interesting crafts that use old light bulbs? Tell us about in the comments below. Be sure to visit our Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest pages to find more fun craft ideas!

Smart Lighting & Other Smart Devices that Will Help Your Business Reduce Energy Use

Whether you’re building a new business from scratch or are integrating energy efficient bulbs into your current lighting design, upgrading your lighting presents a great opportunity to incorporate other smart devices that might benefit your business.

Some companies are reluctant to embrace this new technology because they’re not sure how to use it or how it will fit into their current systems, but smart devices offer a lot of advantages. Smart lighting is the most obvious smart technology that can help reduce energy bills, and it’s one of the easiest to install, but it’s not the only smart device that can improve your business’s efficiency. There are several smart devices that can help lower your utilities expenses and streamline your daily maintenance processes:

Smart lighting

Smart lighting creates the opportunity to customize, adjust, and schedule your lighting down to the finest detail. Whether that means setting up your lighting to only switch on during set work hours, or adjusting it to dim in the front of your restaurant at certain times of the day to create ambience, smart lighting provides even greater flexibility when it comes to illuminating your space, as well as more opportunities to lower energy costs and save money.

Type of space


  • Schedule lighting to come on during set work hours and/or specific rooms
  • Schedule lighting to turn on only on workdays and stay off on weekends and holidays
  • Set it to turn on and off when you enter and exit a room
  • Create a human-centric light schedule that mimics the colour temperature effects of outdoor lighting, with cooler light in the morning and afternoon, and warmer tones in the late afternoon and evening to boost productivity levels
Restaurant or pub
  • Adjust lighting to dim throughout the day, creating an atmosphere that encourages conversation and maybe even spending
  • Schedule lighting to turn on only when you’re open, and stay off when you’re closed
  • Schedule lighting to come on during set work hours
  • Schedule lighting to turn on only on workdays and stay off on weekends and holidays
  • Create a lighting scheme that adjusts colour and brightness throughout the day to encourage customers to move around the store and purchase products
  • Schedule lighting to come on during set work hours
  • Schedule lighting to turn on only on workdays and stay off on weekends and holidays
  • Create a human-centric light schedule that mimics the colour temperature effects of outdoor lighting, with cooler light in the morning and afternoon, and warmer tones in the late afternoon and evening to boost productivity levels

Smart lighting you might be interested in

Smart GLS LED with Bayonet Cap

9watt Smart GLS LED BC B22 Bayonet Cap Colour Changing Wifi Bulb


Smart GLS LED with Screw Cap

9watt Smart GLS LED ES E27 Screw Cap Colour Changing Wifi Bulb


Smart GU10 LED with Twist Lock Base 

4.5watt Smart GU10 LED 2pin Twist Lock Colour Changing Wifi Bulb


Smart Bluetooth-connected Downlight

7watt Firestay Smart Bluetooth Connected Colour Change Dimmable Downlight Includes A White And Satin Bezel


Smart thermostat

Smart thermostats can help you save energy by allowing you to easily adjust indoor temperatures from a distance using an app on your mobile phone. You can also automatically schedule or program it to be the optimal temperature depending on:

  • Time of day
  • Time of year
  • Outdoor conditions
  • Typical workday hours

Type of space


  • Lower or raise temperatures in the office outside work hours
  • Adjust the schedule to account for out-of-office meetings, work retreats, holidays, and other days when no one will be in the office
Restaurant or pub
  • Adjust the temperature to accommodate peak customer times
  • Quickly and easily tweak the temperature using an app to ensure your employees are comfortable any time of year, regardless of weather conditions, instead of having to contact head office or HVAC to adjust it for you
  • Customers are more likely to make purchases and more likely to pay more for those products in a warm environment, just don’t make it too warm in the summer
  • Help temperature-sensitive products thrive in the perfect climate while keeping offices and staff areas comfortable

Smart outlets, plugs, and strips

Smart outlets, plugs, and strips can help cut your energy costs significantly because they can easily be turned off remotely using an app when not in use, or scheduled to turn off automatically outside of work hours. This essentially turns almost any electrical device into a “smart” device, including table and floor lamps, which can help you significantly reduce your business’s overall energy requirements.

Type of space


  • Automatically turn off any equipment that may use energy even when in standby or auto-off, such as:
  • Laminators
  • Paper cutters and hole-punchers
  • Book or comb binding machine
  • Coffee machines
  • Fax machines
  • Photocopiers, printers, and scanners
Restaurant or pub
  • Automatically shut off any light-up elements, advertisements, and decor within your restaurant outside of business hours
  • Set lit signage or window displays to automatically turn off outside of regular shop hours or specific times to save energy
  • Smart outlets can help you stay on top of equipment drawing unnecessary energy by turning off anything that doesn’t need to be charged overnight

Supply-level detectors

Connected devices, such as printers or photocopiers, can recognize when they are low on supplies and automatically set up a reorder of anything you might need before confirming it with you, saving you time and effort.

Type of space


  • Useful applications in office settings include:
  • Printers
  • Photocopiers
  • Fax machines
Retail, restaurant or pub
  • In retail and restaurant environments, supply-level detectors can help you keep track of:
  • Receipt paper
  • Printer and other office supplies
  • Warehouses can use supply-level detectors to stay on top of:
  • Office supplies
  • Equipment supplies

Smart Locks

Keyless entry has been an option for a while now, allowing employees to enter and exit the building using key codes and swipe cards without a supervisor present to let them in or out. Smart locks have built on this premise and offer more features and greater functionality. Depending on the type of lock you get, smart locks can:

  • Give you the option to unlock doors remotely, without having to share a code
  • Provide limited- or one-time-use codes for deliveries, or maintenance or construction workers
  • Easily monitor who is entering or exiting your place of business
  • Unlock the door hands-free if you find your hands full on your way in or out of the office
  • Be set to auto lock and unlock when you, a manager, keyholder, or member of the cleaning staff arrives and departs

Type of space


  • Limit who has access to certain rooms to keep sensitive information or expensive equipment safe, such as:
  • Management offices
  • HR offices
  • Supply or boardrooms containing special equipment and technology
Restaurant or pub
  • Limit who has access to certain rooms to keep sensitive information or expensive equipment safe, such as:
  • Management offices
  • Cash offices
  • Supply rooms and pantries containing special ingredients, equipment, or technology
  • In retail settings, smart locks can be used to limit access to important or sensitive areas, such as:
  • Management offices
  • Cash offices
  • Security offices
  • Storage rooms
  • Hazardous materials
  • In a warehouse, use smart locks to limit access to specialized areas or spaces that house important documents or information, including:
  • Manager offices
  • Security office
  • Supply or equipment rooms
  • Any space that contains personnel or client information, cash, or sensitive documents

Security considerations

While smart technology can increase your energy efficiency and help your business run more smoothly, it’s important to remember that with all internet-connected devices, you need to make digital security a top priority and take preventative measures to limit your exposure to outside threats and bad actors. Help keep your company safe by:

  • Installing antivirus software to scan and protect against viruses, malware, ransomware, keyloggers, and other computer threats.
  • Regularly installing all software updates and patches. We’re all guilty of hitting “Remind Me Later” one too many times when it comes to software updates, but it is more important now than ever to ensure your technology has the latest protections. If you don’t want to take the time to install and apply updates during business hours, you can set it to automatically check for and install updates outside of your regular work schedule.
  • Training your employees. According to Information Age, a little less than half of workers across Europe admit they aren’t equipped with the knowledge required to operate the technology introduced into their workplace. This lack of training slows things down in the office and creates opportunities for hackers to take advantage of their limited knowledge through phishing and social engineering techniques. Providing employees with proper training and up-to-date information will help them make better, safer choices and show them how to react in the event that they do encounter a suspicious email or click on the wrong thing.


In addition to lighting, smart technology has a lot to offer businesses. Smart thermostats, outlets, locks, and supply level detectors make it possible to schedule, streamline tasks, and stay organized and on top of things with a fraction of the effort.

Read More

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about installing or upgrading to energy efficient lighting.

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Why the Stand Anywhere Light Should Be Your Next Craft Project

Stand Anywhere Light Craft

Stand Anywhere Light Craft


It’s no secret that children have a unique kind of creativity. With imaginations that can envision anything from new galaxies to their own games, kids have a fearlessness to keep creating. And we’re here to encourage that!


The creative team here at Mr Beams headquarters gets the importance of having a creative outlet, especially for children. So when they discovered that our new Stand Anywhere Light doubled as both a convenient safety light and a fun craft, they organized an afternoon of crafting for the team and their families.


“The Stand Anywhere Light was perfect for this project because of its clean and simple shape,” says Lauren K., Mr Beams associate creative manager. “It was fun for everyone who participated and especially to see a child’s take on the craft.”


Stand Anywhere Light Craft


Stand Anywhere Light Craft


As a side note, crafts and “play” are beneficial for adults, too! Studies show that unstructured creative activities can relieve stress, improve our relationships and keep us feeling young.


“Getting dirty with glue and markers was a blast,” Lauren says. “It reminded me of being in art school. I love being creative and don’t often get to craft as an adult, so this was a special treat for me. It was nice to see my coworkers take a break from their office work to have some fun. Plus, they were all proud of their creations.”


Not only does the Stand Anywhere Light have the perfect shape for crafting, the night light’s function makes it ideal for kids’ bedrooms. It’s important for children to feel comfortable and safe during the night, but studies have shown that light throughout the night affects the secretion of melatonin, which is a hormone that impacts our quality and ability to sleep. With the Stand Anywhere Light, kids can have motion activated night lighting that’s only on when it’s needed for minimal disruption and ultra convenience.


Stand Anywhere Light Craft


Stand Anywhere Light Craft


Because the light is weatherproof, wireless and portable, it can handle craft materials such as glue, paint and markers so kids can create their own night lighting hero.


Lauren’s crafting tips:

-use a variety of materials

-tape over the motion sensor when decorating the light to ensure crafting materials don’t cover it, which could affect its ability to detect motion

-make sure the battery compartment is accessible (i.e. free of glue or other materials) to replace the batteries as needed


If you need some ideas to get started, take some of ours below! And be sure to send us your photos at


Stand Anywhere Light craft characters



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MB750 Craft Pinterest

The Ultimate Christmas Decorating Checklist Part 2 – Outdoor Locations


You know that Christmas is right around the corner when the lights and decorations start going up. In the first half of our Ultimate Christmas Checklist we focused on getting the inside of the home ready for Santa. Now we can focus on the really fun part: outdoor holiday lighting. Here is our ultimate, and printable, checklist for putting together the best outdoor display.

Roof Lines


Break out your sturdiest ladder. It’s time to attach lights to the roof. C7 and C9 light strings are the traditional lights to use for lining roofs. Due to their larger size, C9s are the top pick if you want your lights seen from farther distances. But don’t stop at just lights. Use roof props that match your outdoor decorations. Just be careful not to overload your roof with too much weight.

  • Props

    • Sleigh

    • Reindeer Figurines

    • Santa Legs Sticking Out of a Chimney

    • Light Up Flat Silhouette Yard Decorations

    • Light Up Santa Clause

    • Light Up Words

  • Lights

    • Icicle Lights

    • C6, C7, and C9 Christmas Light Strings

    • Commercial Spools

      • LED C7 and C9 Replacement Bulbs

      • Incandescent C7 and C9 Replacement Bulbs

    • Commercial LED Christmas Lights

    • Rope Light

Helpful Tip – Uncut rope light is suitable for outdoor use. If cut, you must use silicone glue and shrink wrap any connections to protect them from water. Also keep in mind that the UL listing is voided once the rope light is cut.

Patios, Decks, and Gazebos


Spruce up your patio, deck, or gazebo. Wrap lights around deck railings. Hang garland or icicle lights from the eves of gazebos. You can even place an outdoor rated Christmas palm tree in the corner of your patio.

  • Greenery

    • Wreaths

      • Bows

      • Ornaments

      • Bells

    • Christmas Garland

      • Bows

      • Ornaments

      • Poinsettias

      • Bells

      • Candy Canes

      • Holly Branches

      • Pine Cones

    • Christmas Teardrops Swag

  • Props

    • Nutcracker and Toy Soldiers

    • Light Up Flat Silhouette Yard Decorations

    • DIY Tomato Cage Christmas Trees

  • Lights

    • Rope Lights

    • Net Lights

    • Icicle Lights

    • LED or Incandescent Mini Lights

    • C6, C7, and C9 Christmas Light Strings

    • Commercial Stringers or Spools

      • LED or Incandescent C7 and C9 Replacement Bulbs

    • Commercial LED Christmas Lights

    • Spheres

    • Patio String Lights

      • Colored S14 LEDs

      • Colored Incandescent S14s

Fun DIY – An often overlooked spot to decorate is the mailbox. Get ready-made covers at stores or make your own with cloth, garland, and ornaments.

Pathways, Walkways, and Driveways


Use lights and smaller props to create stunning driveways, paths, and walkways. Illuminate the edges with rope light or light strings. Hang ornaments and snowflakes from overhanging tree branches. Add in some wire frame reindeer for a classic feel or have a cutout of the Grinch stealing your lights.

  • Props

    • Nutcracker and Toy Soldier Props

    • Light Up 3D Silhouettes

      • Reindeer

      • Snowmen

      • Angels

      • Trees

      • Snowflakes

    • Cardboard Cutouts

      • The Grinch and Max

      • Peanuts and Snoopy

      • Rudolph the Red nose Reindeer

      • Nutcrackers

      • Christmas Tree and Presents

      • Words

    • Large Candy Canes or Lollipops

    • Light Up Present Boxes

  • Lights

    • Pathway Lighted Markers

    • LED or Incandescent Mini Lights

    • C6, C7, and C9 Christmas Light Strings

    • Commercial Stringers or Spools

      • LED or Incandescent C7 and C9 Replacement Bulbs

    • Rope Light

Helpful Tip – Need a good way to spotlight your cutouts and other decorations? Install a few solar spot light fixtures if you’re in an area that gets enough light during the day to charge them.


Trees and Bushes

Putting lights in trees and bushes can be a bit tricky, but there are many ways to make decorating a breeze. Avoid overwhelming bushes by using mini lights instead light with larger bulbs. To create a full look, lay the mini lights in a zigzag pattern. When decorating tress, roll your individual lights strands into balls first to help make installation easier.

  • Props

    • Oversized Ornaments

    • Finials

    • Christmas Bows

  • Lights

    • Tree Wrap Lights

    • Net Lights

    • Rope Light

    • LED or Incandescent Mini Lights

    • LED Meteor Shower or Rain Lights

    • C6, C7, and C9 Christmas Light Strings

    • Commercial Stringers or Spools

      • LED or Incandescent C7 and C9 Replacement Bulbs

    • Commercial LED Christmas Lights

    • Spheres

Fun Weekend DIY – Extremely versatile, net lights can be used for more than lighting bushes. Create a lit tunnel down your drive way by suspending LED net lights between arches made from PVC pipes.



The biggest focal point of your outdoor Christmas decorations is the yard display. Let your inner Clark Griswold come out to play. Build off of last year’s display or put together something completely different that will outshine the most Martha Stewart-like neighbors on your street.

  • Props

    • Christmas Inflatables

    • Light Up Flat Silhouette Yard Decorations

    • Light Up 3D Silhouette

    • Lit Bows

    • Giant Snowflakes

    • Giant Ornaments

    • Cardboard Cutouts

    • LED Spiral Outdoor Trees

    • DIY Giant Christmas Light Balls

    • DIY Tomato Cage Christmas Trees

  • Lights

    • LED or Incandescent Mini Lights

    • C6, C7, and C9 Christmas Light Strings

    • Commercial Stringers or Spools

      • LED or Incandescent C7 and C9 Replacement Bulbs

    • Rope Light

    • Spheres

Helpful Tip – Running a lot of extension cords for your impressive displays? Make sure your cord connections are protected from water with power cord protectors. And make sure you don’t run too many lights on the same circuit. Spread the load over multiple circuits to prevent tripping the breaker.

Gates, Fences, and Walls


Don’t forget about adding some decorations to fences, gates, and walls. Nestle garland and ribbon between gate pickets. Mount large wreaths, Christmas teardrops swag, or lanterns to posts. Shine pictures of snowflakes, reindeer, and other wintery images on wall with laser light projectors.  If you have a chain link fence, you can hang ornaments in link openings.

  • Greenery

    • Wreaths

    • Christmas Garland

    • Christmas Teardrops Swag

  • Props

    • Nutcracker and Toy Soldier Props

    • Christmas Bows

    • Flat Silhouette Yard Decorations

    • Lanterns

  • Lights

    • Laser Light Projectors

    • Rope Lights

    • LED or Incandescent Mini Lights

    • C6, C7, and C9 Christmas Light Strings

    • Commercial Stringers or Spools

      • LED or Incandescent C7 and C9 Replacement Bulbs

    • Commercial LED Christmas Lights

    • Spheres

Helpful Tip – Make avoiding electrical shorts and tripped breakers a priority this holiday season. Stay under the recommend wattage or maximum number of connections for your lights. Also unplug any infrequently used appliances as they can still draw power.


light clip w bars removed [from our site].jpg

Make sure that your decorations go up and operate with no problems with these accessories. Items such as mounting clips and replacement bulbs can sell out quickly, so you will need to buy them as soon as possible. 

  • Outdoor Accessories

    • Outdoor Timers

    • Extension Cords

    • Cord Protectors

    • Receptacle Covers

    • Mounting Clips

    • Mounting Stakes

    • Christmas Light Testers

    • Christmas Light Controllers

    • Rope Light Accessories

    • Christmas Wire

    • C7 and C9 Sockets

    • Plugs

    • Electrical Tape

  • Miscellaneous Accessories

    • Christmas Storage

    • Storage Spools for Lights

    • Zip Ties

    • Floral Wire

Did we miss something? Share your best decorating tips and all-time favorite decorations in the comments below. Make sure to visit our Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, and Pinterest pages to see more decorating tips!

Government Incentives to Upgrade to Energy Efficient Lighting

Government Incentives to Upgrade to Energy Efficient Lighting

If you’re looking for help upgrading your business to energy efficient lighting, we’ve got good news for you—there are a number of government-funded energy efficiency incentives and LED light bulb rebates available to you.

Finding the right government incentives for energy-saving technologies for your business is a daunting task. There’s a lot of information to read, a lot of products to sift through, and some confusing language to decipher if you aren’t well-versed in the terminology. Searching out reliefs, trusts, tax credits, or other funding that applies to your business—as well as the equipment that qualifies—may seem like more trouble than it’s worth, especially if you don’t have a team member or contractor on staff to do it for you.

Here’s some more good news—there are energy efficiency experts who can help you understand and claim the incentives available to your business, providing you with significant savings and a higher return on your energy efficient investment.

Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme for energy-saving technologies

The Enhanced Capital Allowances (ECA) scheme was created and implemented to encourage companies to select energy efficient lighting options that meet Energy Technology List (ETL) criteria in exchange for a tax allowance.

Under the ECA scheme, you can write-off up to 100% of the cost on your taxes in the year you purchase brand new (not used) equipment that qualifies.

According to the Energy Technology List Lighting Guide

In the case of lighting, three types of lighting are covered by the scheme:

  1. White LED lighting modules for backlit illuminated signs – In common with many other technologies, white LED lighting modules for backlit illuminated signs are a “listed” technology. For a product to be ETL compliant (and therefore eligible to claim an ECA), it must be specifically listed on the ETL product list. To be included on the list, manufacturers apply and are assessed for compliance with the ETL criteria by the scheme managers.
  2. Efficient White Lighting Units
  3. Lighting Controls (such as presence detectors, daylight sensors, time controllers and scheduling systems)

Efficient white lighting units and Lighting controls are “unlisted” technologies. This is mainly because there are too many individual product combinations on the market, with rapidly changing product ranges, for product listing to be effective.

For unlisted technologies, it is up to the supplier to provide the customer with confirmation that the product meets the current ETL criteria at the time of sale.

Products must be compliant with the ETL criteria at the time of purchase in order to qualify for an ECA. Please contact the Lightbulb Company to discuss our range of LED Lighting panels and LED fittings that would qualify for the Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme.

Non-lighting equipment that qualifies includes energy efficient:

  • Boilers
  • Monitoring equipment
  • Refrigeration equipment

PRO TIP: While equipment and products that meet the ETL criteria may be more expensive—especially because they need to be purchased new—by installing and using energy-saving equipment, you will:

  • Reduce your energy bills
  • Cut down any Climate Change Levy (CCL) payments your business may have been paying—learn more about environmental taxes, reliefs and schemes for businesses, including CCL.

This will save you money in the long run and lead to a relatively quick return on your investment.

National & regional funding

For more information about government incentives or other types of funding provided by trusts, partnerships, and grants to small-to-medium sized businesses who are making the switch to energy-efficient equipment, reducing their emissions, and other green initiatives—or to apply for them—check out these links:


  • Carbon Trust Green Business Fund – England, Scotland, and Wales
  • Energy Saving Trust – Scotland


  • The Business Energy Efficiency Programme – West Midlands
  • Business Energy Efficiency Anglia (BEEA) – Suffolk & Norfolk
  • Business Energy Efficiency Cambridge and Peterborough (BEECP) – Cambridge & Peterborough
  • Sustainable Business Partnership CIC – East Sussex
  • The Low Carbon Across the South-East (LoCASE) – Sussex, Kent, and Essex


Still not sure what your company is eligible for or which products to select? Reach out to one of our lighting design experts. They will be glad to assist you with selecting products and discovering tax reliefs and saving opportunities relevant to your specific needs.

Learn more about the ETL.

For more information on the ECA scheme:

  • For tax questions regarding ECA, visit the HM Revenue & Customs website
  • Search for a product on the ETL here

Need help? Call our energy efficient lighting design experts. With over twenty years of experience, we have supported businesses of all types in both the public and private sector throughout the UK to make the switch and reduce their energy costs.

Learn more about the Lightbulb Co.’s energy efficient lighting services.

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Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about installing or upgrading to energy efficient lighting.

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Lighting without Wires, Lighting without Electricians

The UltraBright Ceiling Light

The UltraBright Ceiling Light


If you need light but cannot afford an electrician, there are now bright solutions for you. WiLi™ (Wireless Lighting) has become reliable and inexpensive. Mr Beams wireless lighting has the ability to reach up to 600 lumens and will continue to increase in brightness every year. Mr Beams offers battery-powered, wireless lighting for closets, decks, counters, sheds, backyards and stairs without wires or the need for an electrician. The Mr. Beams line is a complete wireless, LED solution to all lighting needs, including wireless overhead lighting. All of our lights are weatherproof, bright and can be installed by anyone in a matter of minutes.


We all love our electrician – except when he is late, makes a mess or leaves us with a huge bill. According to home improvement site Home Advisor, installing a wired light fixture could cost an average of $455. With battery-powered LED lights from Mr. Beams, you can install overhead lighting without wires for under $40 and can easily remove these fixtures in the case of a move. Here are our best WiLi™ options that would otherwise require the help of an electrician:



The UltraBright Ceiling LightBest solution to light a shower without wires – Best solution is the MB990 UltraBright Ceiling Light. It is weatherproof and installs in minutes. It detects motion from up to 18 feet away and will automatically shut off after 20 seconds of no motion. 300 lumens light your shower.

The Original Ceiling LightBest solution to light a closet without wires – Best solution is the MB980 Ceiling Light. It’s motion sensor will activate the light when the door is opened and it will turn off automatically, after 30 seconds without motion. 100 lumens of bright light.

Slim Task LightsBest solution to light a dorm without wires – The MB850/860 Slim Task Lights can go anywhere you need light in your dorm room. These motion-sensing, battery-powered lights have a thin profile for bright lighting in closets, under shelves, and more.


The UltraBright Ceiling LightBest solution to light an attic without wires – Pull string lights are a pain. Replace them with the MB990 UltraBright Ceiling Light for effective attic lighting without an electrician. No more reaching for the pull cords only to get a handful of cobwebs. The UltraBright Ceiling Light’s bright LED turns on when your motion is detected. It will stay on as long as there is motion.

The Original Ceiling LightBest solution to light the inside of a shed without wires – The MB980 Ceiling Light can illuminate an entire shed without wires. Bright light comes on with motion and shuts off automatically. The weatherproof seal will keep any moisture out of the light.


The UltraBright SpotlightBest solution to light the outside of a shed without wires – The MB380/390 UltraBright Spotlight provides 400 lumens of cool, bright light at the first sight of motion for hands-free convenience lighting. Give your shed security and ensure the safety of you and your loved ones. Plus, the weatherproof design means you don’t have to worry that harsh conditions, such as rain or snow, will damage the light.

The LED Night LightBest solution to light stairs without wires – Stairs are not typically equipped with electrical outlets. The MB710 LED Night Light’s sleek, modern design complements any home decor while providing essential, hands-free lighting to tricky areas. Plus, it’s equipped with a light sensor that prevents unnecessary activations.

Step/Stair LightsBest solution to light a deck and stairs without wires – The MB520/530 Step/Stair Lights are designed with a weatherproof seal to provide efficient deck and outdoor stair lighting. It’s GlowModeTM option keeps your deck or stairs illuminated softly throughout the night. When motion is detected, 120 square feet are illuminated instantly.

The UltraBright Ceiling LightBest solution to light a porch without wires – Porch lights waste a lot of money. You either leave them on all night or have a dark porch. Best solution for a dark porch is the MB990 UltraBright Ceiling Light. If someone approaches your door, this wireless light will detect the motion and bring light to the situation. It can be installed in minutes, and the weatherproof seal means never having to remove the light in poor conditions.

The Original SpotlightBest solution to light a doorway without wires – Best solution is the MB330/360 Original Spotlight. 140 lumens provide automatic security lighting to your doorways anytime someone steps within a 30-foot motion detection range. Battery power allows you to install the light in just 5 minutes or less. The quality LED is designed to provide up to a year of light on just one set of batteries, based on an average of 8-10 activations a day.


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LEDs You Didn’t Know Existed

LED bi-pin base

If you are a frequent reader of our blog, you know that we cover a wide variety of lighting topics ranging from spotlighting products to answering frequently asked questions. With LED technology continuing to advance at a rapid pace, there are many interesting and unique products that we simply do not get a chance to fully cover. In this post, we will explore some LED products you may not know exist.

LED Mini Indicator Bulbs

LED mini indicator bulbs replace the small halogen lamps found in under cabinet lights and other applications. Unlike halogen bulbs, these lights are not affected by the oils on your hands so you don’t need to wear gloves when handling the bulbs. LED mini indicators are available in a variety of bases:



Labeled with the letter “G” followed by the measurement (in millimeters) between the pins.

LED bi-pin base

Single Contact
Has one metal contact on the base of the bulb.

LED single contact bayonet base

Double Contact
Has two metal contacts on the base of the bulb.

LED double contact bayonet base

Specialty bulb that can only be used in a festoon socket.

LED festoon base

Has enclosed pins and “wedges” down into the socket.

LED wedge base

Candelabra (E12)
Has a screw base that measures 12 millimeters.

LED candelabra (E12) base

Intermediate (E17)
Has a screw base that measures 17 millimeters.

LED intermediate (E17) base

Has two pins that have been formed into loops.

LED looped base

When choosing a bulb, measure your fixture to ensure there is enough space for the bulb to fit. LED bulbs may be longer or wider than the bulbs they are replacing. Also make sure to check the voltage of your fixture, as these mini indicator bulbs range from 12 Volts to 120 Volts. In addition to under cabinet lights, LED mini indicator bulbs can be used in boats, vehicles, and RVs. Look for bulbs that are waterproof when choosing LED mini indicator lights for boats and other applications where bulbs can come into contact with water. Screw-based bulbs can be used in wall sconces, ceiling fans, chandeliers, and other similar fixtures.

Hazardous Location LED Corn Lamps


Ensure that you meet strict safety regulations while saving on electricity with the recently developed hazardous location LED corn lamps. These bulbs are rated for Class 1, Division 2 hazardous locations per the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), the National Electric code (NEC), and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) definitions. This means that these LED corn lamps are recommended for areas:

  • where flammable vapors or liquids are in the air

  • where natural gas or liquefied petroleum are stored and handled

  • where ignitable cleaning fluid vapors may be present

Capable of operating in environments ranging from -40 to 113 degrees Fahrenheit, these lamps are UL listed for these and other fixtures:

  • Filtr-Guard H2 Luminaire

  • Crouse Hinds Champ VMV Luminaries

  • Appleton Mercmaster III

  • Appleton Merchmaarwe II

Hazardous location LED corn lamps require the removal of the ballast during installation, reducing maintenance costs. These LED lamps employ active cooling technology to help dissipate heat and feature a clear outer case that will contain an internal explosion. Use these lamps in aircraft hangers, gas stations, utility gas plants, and refineries.

Shatter Resistant LED Tubes


If you work in the food industry, you likely know that the FDA requires shatter resistant bulbs in areas around food and equipment. Did you know that many of our LED tubes that can be used in these areas? Shatter resistant LED tubes have a shatter resistant coating that meets NSF International (formerly called national Sanitation Foundation) certifications. This coating traps glass shards in the event of a breakage, keeping foods, surfaces, and appliances safe from broken glass. Use these lamps anywhere broken glass could pose a hazard including manufacturing facilities, schools, and daycares.

Shatter resistant LED tubes are available in three types. Plug and play lamps work with your existing ballast, making these the easiest to install. Direct wire lamps operate directly off of the line voltage, meaning that you have to remove the ballast and rewire the fixture during installation. This eliminates ballast maintenance costs and compatibly issues, as well as a potential failure point for your fixture. Hybrid tubes initially work with a compatible ballast, and can then be reinstalled later as a direct wire tube once the ballast reaches the end of its life.

LED Cooler and Freezer Fixtures

cooler light.jpg

Are the fluorescent lights in your walk-in cooler, freezer, or display case not bright enough? Replace your existing system with these LED cooler and freezer fixtures. These lights hardwire directly to the line voltage and up to 10 lights can be interconnected. LED cooler lights are designed to withstand temperatures from -4 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit, vibrations, shocks, and corrosion. The integrated LEDs produce very little heat and no ultraviolet (UV) light, significantly reducing cooling costs. Choose between fixtures that produce a 4000 Kelvin cool white light or a 5000 Kelvin stark white light that is similar to daylight.

Specialty Rope Light

led neon rope light.jpg

Another type of LED lights you may not be familiar with is our specialty rope lights, consisting of flexible neon rope light and hybrid LED flat rope light. Flexible neon rope light is an LED alternative to classic glass neon lights. Lasting up to three times longer, these lights simply plug into a nearby outlet and do not require ballasts or a specialist to install. Use neon rope light in a wide variety of applications including outlining buildings or relighting old neon signs. Hybrid LED rope light is designed with the flexibility of rope light and the brightness of LED tape light. These lights emit a bright light measured in Lumens per foot giving these lights the potential to light a small space. Flat rope light can be easily installed to light patios, decks, stages, and other locations.

Both types of specialty rope lights can be used outdoors as long as they remain uncut. Once cut at the marked cutting points, the UL listing is voided and any connections made must be shrink wrapped. Do not go over the maximum run limit when installing these lights. A single run of neon rope light can be no longer than 150 feet, and flat rope light cannot exceed 146 feet.

Are there LED lights that you are curious about and would like to see covered in more detail? Let us know in the comments below. You can read about more new and interesting products by follow our Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, or Pinterest pages.

The Best Outdoor Lighting Fixtures for your Garden

Spring is in the air and summer is not far behind, and for a place that only gets somewhere between 360-600 hours of sunshine in the warmest months (depending on where you’re located), we know how important good outdoor lighting is.

Whether you’re trying to brighten up a gloomy day or extend your evenings in your garden, the type of light fixtures you select will have a huge impact on the look and feel of your outdoor space, as well as the impact you will have on your neighbours and nature. Knowing this, how do you ensure you make the right selection?

To start with, learn about the different types of outdoor lighting and outdoor lighting fixtures available.

Outdoor lighting techniques

There are a variety of lighting techniques that effectively utilize different styles of outdoor lighting fixtures to highlight key features in your yard and create a unique and beautiful space to enjoy, including:

  • Up lighting is where a lamp—typically a spot or flood light—is pointed upwards to uplight a feature of the yard or home, such as a tree or an architectural detail.
  • Silhouetting and shadowing of interesting shapes and beautiful plants or sculpture in your yard can be done by placing the light fixture in front of or behind the item you are illuminating.
  • Moon lighting is a form of downlighting that involves illuminating a tree from above so it appears that the moonlight is coming through the branches.
  • Grazing requires you to place the light in proximity to a wall in such a way that it casts both light and shadow, emphasizing any unique textural details. For this reason, it works best on stone walls or walls with an uneven finish.
  • Washing is a brighter and more even version of grazing. Wall washing creates an even layer of light that softly reflects ambient lighting back into a space. This type of lighting works well in enclosed patio areas.
  • Path – exactly what it sounds like, path lighting is when lamps are used to illuminate a walkway. The best path lighting invites you down the pathway and leads you safely, with well spaced fixtures to provide even illumination. Just be careful not to add too many lamps as this can make the space look crowded and too bright, casting harsh shadows. You likely need fewer fixtures than you think.

Outdoor lighting and outdoor lighting fixtures

When selecting fixtures for your garden, you should have a vision in mind of how you want it to look. Pick a style you like, but also remember to factor in the type of light this will provide, the ambience it will create, and how that lighting will spread beyond the area you are intentionally illuminating.

Before you start purchasing fixtures and light bulbs, ask yourself:

  • What is the purpose of this lighting? To light a path, illuminate a feature of your garden, or brighten up the front porch?
  • Is the lighting necessary?
  • Can it be safely and correctly installed in the area it is going to light?
  • How directional is the light? Does it illuminate the intended area, or does it accidentally send light in the wrong direction, creating light pollution?
  • Would another fixture provide more accurate lighting and better create the aesthetic you are striving for?

With these questions answered, you can make smarter choices about which type of fixtures and lighting you want in your yard.

You typically have 3 options when it comes to outdoor light fixtures:

  1. Wall mounts
  2. Ceiling mounts
  3. Landscape lights

Wall mounts

Similar to the lamps you use inside your home, wall mounted outdoor light fixtures such as lanterns and sconces build in indirect ambient or accent lighting. You often see them used to illuminate front doors and street addresses, but wall mounts also work well in areas like walled seating areas, stairs, and patios.

Wall mounts can inadvertently (or sometimes advertently) direct light upwards, so ensure that you select a fixture that properly protects against skyglow to reduce light pollution.

Ceiling mounts

Outdoors, ceiling mounts are (surprise!) best suited to areas where you have a ceiling, such as a porch, covered patio, outdoor kitchen or dining area, or other similar structure. There are a few different styles of ceiling mounted lamps that can be utilized outside:

  • Flush mounts – ideal for low ceilings and areas that are slightly more exposed to the elements as they are more protected than other types of mounted fixtures.
  • Pendants or hanging lamps – perfect ceilings with lots of vertical clearance. These often work well in porches.
  • Fans – best in spots with a bit more space to work with and where you will be lounging or working, such as covered patios, an outdoor kitchen, or dining areas.

PRO TIP: Remember that outdoor lamps are not as protected as indoor lighting, so you will need to select fixtures with the correct IP rating and no fragile parts that could easily be damaged or broken by weather or animals.

Landscape lights

Landscape lights are installed to show off your garden and its features, and the fixture itself should complement the garden or fade away entirely. These fixtures are designed to add security lighting or accent and decorate the area by providing atmospheric lighting and illuminating walkways, rather than bright task-style lighting or something that distracts from the features you are hoping to showcase.

  • Deck and step lights – provide soft, low-level accent lighting and can be installed along pathways, drives, and inserted into decks and stairs to make them safer to navigate after dark. Because they are typically uncovered, select a warm bulb with a lower lumen level to provide some light without creating unnecessary glare.

    Use them for: path lighting

  • Post mount or pier mount lights – small light fixtures that are installed on top of an existing post or railing, typically used along gates, decks, and fences. Because they can be installed on top of pre-existing structures, they have flexible placement and can provide light without taking up space—perfect for smaller gardens.

    Use them for: path lighting

  • Path lights – if you have outdoor lights installed, they almost certainly include path lights. One of the most popular and frequently used types of outdoor lighting, these small, ground-mounted lamps are used to line pathways and walkways, subtly illuminate garden beds, and highlight and outline water features such as ponds.

    Use them for: path lighting

  • Bollards – the fairly industrial-looking, bulkier, and more durable version of a path light. These can often be found in public spaces or used to line drives and parking lots, but if you have an appropriately sized outdoor space, they can help create a minimal, architectural look.

    Use them for: path lighting

  • Hardscape lights – a less traditional type of wall mounted lighting, hardscape lights are small LED fixtures that are mounted onto stone fences, raised flower beds, and other wall features in a yard to wash it in light and emphasize their unique texture and add visual interest.

    Use them for: washing, grazing

  • Spotlight – typically installed in the ground and aimed upwards to wash trees, plants, buildings, and statues in light. This can create a lot of light pollution and inadvertently shine into your neighbour’s window, so always make sure to turn them off before you head in for the night. They can also be mounted on a tree and aimed downward to create a moonlight effect.

    Use them for: path lighting, silhouetting and shadowing, moon lighting, washing

17cm Spike Light with Glass Cover and 2m Flex

Spike Light - Glass Cover With 17cm Spike And 2m Flex


16cm Spike Light with Glass Cover

Spike Light - Glass Cover With 16cm Spike


16cm Spike Light with Metal Grid and Glass Cover

Spike Light - Metal Grid And Glass Cover With 16cm Spike

  • Flood light – often used as security lighting, these fixtures are placed high in the yard to flood the area with light. These are ideal for times when your children may want to play in the yard after sunset. Unless they have built-in covers, these types of lamps are often omni-directional and cast a wide beam, so light can easily bounce upwards into the sky. Set them up with motion-detectors or turn them off when you’re heading in at the end of the night.

    Use them for: security, silhouetting and shadowing, moon lighting, washing

  • Well lights – these lights offer some of the benefits of spotlights with less of the profile (and a little bit less directionality). Well lights are inserted directly into the ground to produce a flat-surface, and have the appearance of a well. Some well lights come with very high IP ratings and can be installed directly into ponds and pools. In this case, they are typically referred to as “pond lights”.

    Use them for: up lighting, path lighting, washing, grazing

PRO TIP: All lamps that will be exposed to water, and especially those that will be partially or fully submerged in water, should have the appropriate IP (Ingress Protection) rating for their location:

  • IP65 is water resistant, and can tolerate water projected directly onto the enclosure, but is not waterproof and should not be submerged in water.
  • IP66 is water resistant and can tolerate water being sprayed forcefully from any direction, but should not be submerged in water.
  • IP67 is water resistant and can tolerate brief periods of submersion in water up to 1 metre.
  • IP68 is considered waterproof and can be permanently submerged in depths greater than 1 metre.

Learn more about IP ratings.

  • Cove lighting – similar to indoor cove lighting, outdoor cove lighting is created by hiding strip lighting under an overlapping or overhanging area, such as a step, walkway, pool edge, or railing, to create a soft, decorative glow.

    Use them for: path lighting

5M Flexible Cool White LED Strip 
(60 chips per metre)

5 Metre White Colour Flexible LED Strip 60 LED Chips Per Metre 24watt


5M Flexible Warm White LED Strip 
(60 chips per metre)

5 Metre Warm White Colour Flexible LED Strip 60 LED Chips Per Metre 24watt


5M Flexible Cool White LED Strip 
(30 chips per metre)

5 Metre White Colour Flexible LED Strip 60 LED Chips Per Metre 24watt


5M Flexible Warm White LED Strip 
(30 chips per metre)

5 Metre Warm White Colour Flexible LED Strip 60 LED Chips Per Metre 24watt


PRO TIP: Whenever we add elements such as lighting into outdoor spaces, it is important to consider the impact your choices can have on the world around you. Make educated light fixture selections with this guide to outdoor lighting basics from the International Dark-sky Association (IDA).

Learn more about how outdoor lighting impacts nature.


Whatever you want outdoor lighting for—entertaining, personal enjoyment, security, or so your children can play after the sun has gone down—there are a wide range of outdoor light fixtures to help you accomplish your goals and create whatever look you want. Knowing what your goals are and having a rough idea of the layout you would like beforehand is essential. And of course, don’t be afraid to reach out to an expert for help.

Need more tips? Find out how to properly light your outdoor space or check out our guide for lighting your garden.

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The Best Light for Your Closet and Pantry

The Best Light for Your Closet and Pantry

Unless you’ve built your home from the ground up, it’s unlikely that you are completely satisfied with its existing lighting options. There always seems to be a dark area that could use bright light, but hiring an electrician to assist with wired lighting can be expensive.

Luckily, Mr Beams offers battery-powered LED lighting solutions so you can have light when and where you need it. Now, you can improve your home lighting at an affordable cost. Not too handy around the house? That’s not a problem with Mr Beams ceiling lights! All three of our wireless ceiling lights can be installed by just about anyone who can work a screw driver. Check out what other customers have to say:



The Original Ceiling Light

“Thank you. Your product has made the life of my 90-year-young mother much safer and puts her at ease at night. She seems more confident now that her pathway is lighted as soon as she steps out of her bed. LOVE your products and plan on installing more around her house to light up her life! Sending you all tons of Aloha from Hawaii. Mahalo!”

-Brian T.

“I use the ceiling light in the hall so that I can see and not fall when I get up in the middle of the night. Getting old is not fun if you fall. I also have one on the ceiling of the porch that cuts down on power bills and makes finding the right key easy. I have other Mr Beams on the steps and in closets that don’t have lights. Love them!”
-William J.

“Saw two of your other lights at a local big box store. Was impressed with the quality and fair prices. Then went online and ordered The Stand Anywhere Light direct from Mr Beams, plus two of the ceiling lights for my dark closets and a Step Light. I now have motion-activated lights at my garage entrance to the living area and at the back door of the garage… Mr Beams lights up my life quite well.”
-Harvey U.



The UltraBright Ceiling Light

“As an elderly person, I feel much safer at night with the Mr Beams MB990. No trying to find a switch or turning it off and trying to get out of the room safely. My wife loves it in the closet. Thank you for a great product.”

-John M.

“We love our new ceiling light! It makes going into our coat closet so much safer since we can actually see what we are looking for! Thank you so much for your awesome products.”
-Melissa R.

“Last fall, I installed a garden shed in the back corner of my yard. This area is not well lit and it’s hard to see the path to the shed. I didn’t run electricity to my shed but wanted lighting inside and at the door so I could easily see to lock or unlock it. I struggled with how to get lighting and considered solar lights, which were complicated and looked messy. Then, I discovered Mr Beams! The 300-lumen ceiling light was very easy to install and lights up the entire 8×8 shed! I’ve told all my neighbors about how much I love these products. Thanks so much for a great line of products!”
-Gail T.


The LED Ceiling Light

“These are super easy to install and look nice. I put one in a room that lacked overhead lighting (and really needed it) and the other above the basement stairs landing. Working great and there’s a definite coolness factor to having a darkened space light up when you walk in.”
-R. Hewitt

“These lights are great! They look like they are regular wired lights. I have two of them in two different closets that were dark. Not anymore!”


“Installed in master bathroom for automatic light that is not too bright when used in the middle of the night. Worked exceptionally well when we lost power. Bought several more to use in the basement (above sump pump) and at the entrance to my shop so illumination is provided during power outages.”




Mr Beams wireless LED ceiling lights give you the convenience of bright light anywhere. Battery power allows for installation wherever you may need light without the need to hire an electrician. Get your Mr Beams ceiling lights today!